Whoever thought fights among top musicians were over, you better think twice. There’s a budding biff between Team Chameleone camp and Bebe Cool’s Gagamel Crew.

For starters there has always been a standoff between heavyweight singers Bebe Cool and Jose Chameleone. However for the last few years there has been private mutual respect among the two.

It is said that Bebe Cool privately accepts that Chameleone is number one in Uganda though publicly, he doesn’t.

On the other hand Chameleone acknowledges that Bebe Cool is his mentor and a hugely talented singer who lacks focus.

This is the respect (or something close to respect) that has always been between the two for the last decade or so. Chameleone and Bebe realize that wars in the industry are not important anymore.




They both agree that Good Lyfe’s split has been bad for the industry although beneficial to both of them.

It must be noted that former Radio and Weasel manager Jeff Kiwanuka was always against his singers ending their biff with both Bebe and Chameleone. In fact when Radio/Weasel ended the biff shortly after the Battle of Champions in November last year, their split with Jeff started.

All in all both Bebe and Chameleone have tried to stay away from fights.

However this seems to have changed after Chameleone allegedly mocked Bebe Cool in his facebook post.

The post from a page Chameleone Jose reads: “THINKING WILL BEBE COOL EVER FAST!!! (JOKES


For starters it is not clear if the page is one of Chameleone’s official pages, and therefore the authenticity of the post is doubtable.

However Gagamel followers are not taking this lightly. They are convinced this is the real Chameleone and as such they have attacked.

Bebe Cool diehards believe Chameleone opened public biff when he announced that he would be holding a concert at Serena Hotel just like Bebe Cool. Chameleone announced his Serena concert for 19 December during his Unplugged in Club Silk on Thursday.

Gagamelians believe he (Chameleone) is looking for war. And they are already at it.

While a few have just termed Chameleone’s statement as ‘waragi’ and some are reminding him of his confusion when he converted to Islam and then back to Christianity, many believe it is late Robert Karamagi’s ‘ghost’ attacking him.

Karamagi was beaten to death at Chameleone’s former home in Seguku.

While at has been said that the singer was exonerated by the DPP, the public court still holds him accountable.

In fact many believe this is the major reason he disbanded Leone Island.

Most of the Leone Island non singing staff were known city hooligans and thieves.

One thing is for sure; Gagamel members will never fail to defend their boss Bebe Cool. It is no wonder so much has been posted attacking Chameleone ever since he made that statement. And you can expect more from each side.

One day when Bebe Cool attacks Chameleone (and you can be sure pretty soon) an all-out war will follo. And when Bebe Cool and Chameleone fight, someone from Magere will somehow come in.

And you know what he brings to the party and on whose side he will be…




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