Keron's parents Juliana and Amon lay a wreath on his coffin last week

Keron’s parents Juliana and Amon lay a wreath on his coffin last week

Diva Juliana Kanyomozi has revealed she now knows who her best friends are following the death her only son Keron Raphael Kabugo.

This comes just hours after we revealed the fight between Sylvia Owori and Judith Heard at

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Keron’s vigil at the singer’s home in Lungujja.

While speaking to pals earlier today, Juliana said:

“You know it’s time like these when you know who you true friends really are. And you people are some of those who have demonstrated that to Amon and I. I now know who I can call a friend. RIP my darling KK Atwooki. I miss you terribly. And it’s not gonna be easy.”

Keron was laid to rest last week on Friday after succumbing to acute athma.

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  1. Amina Stella Kyaligonza

    we have to be happy that you were with peopple WHO escorted you to burry your let son may his soul rest in Peace.its only the lord WHO can look in peopple s Hearts and tell the unseen ITS only Allah SwA Thats knows the truth.somebody can really show that they love you and yet hate Take Allah Swa to be the refuge in your life I really feel sorry for your loss but in most cases peopple will love you because you have Money and once its gone they will run away be strong my dear and trust in the lord he will fight your ways and lf you can have a baby Again do it it will help to heal


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