Keron's dad Amon Lukwago in deep thoughts

Keron’s dad Amon Lukwago in deep thoughts

…Meanwhile Keron’s dad Amon Lukwago has termed his fallen son as his guardian angel.

In a chat to this website, Amon said he is happy because he knows Keron is ‘smiling down upon him.’

He wrote: “My son, my joy,my all.. Keron is surely smiling down upon me. He is my guardian angel because I feel safe by every micro second of his thought. Sweet memories of my baby I will forever cherish. Keron you have left a deep hole in our hearts but you forever love will fill the hole. Keeping in mind that one sweet day, one miraculous day daddy and son will be re-united, with joy and bear hugs. I miss you more than words can explain.. Keron my son, I know you know daddy loves you so much and if I had been given the chance, I would give up my life just for you to live again my baby. I did everything in my power to see you live Keron but Gods plans surpass human nature. He had his biggest plan for

you and you now living according to his plan. In joy, peace, love, and not in human nature that fades away but as an angel. I will forever call you daddy’s guardian angel. To everyone that was and is still grieving with me, thank you so so much. My guardian angel Keron is surely protecting you. My Keron, my baby you taught me so much both during your lifetime, on your sick bed and until your passing away. You have taught me to be strong and face each challenge and pain. Because you were so strong even when in pain and weak, you never stopped smiling and showing me you were still with me. I felt your strength when I held your arm the whole night in the hospital. I was too weak but your small but strong arm held my hand until. I found my strength in you, son. My lovely mum is in heaven that gives me comfort knowing you are with your grandmother. She left you a baby at just 2 months and she’s now seeing a grown up soul. Keron keep for daddy a safe place right next to you because I will surely join you. Rest in perfect peace son. Forever Love You Keron.



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