Musician Prisca Mikami has described fellow female singer Margla calling her nasty after she released her nude pictures last night.

Mikami's post

Mikami’s post

Since early morning, pregnant Margla’s nude pictures have been doing rounds on social media. It has emerged that she (Margla) leaked the pictures herself.

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Mikami is not amused. She blasted her fellow singer: “Margla INTETIONALLY asked people to post pregnant naked pictures of herself! Am sorry to ask BUT What the HELL is wrong with female musicians of today? Putting their nakedness out there is like producing a New hit Song…Is this where we are going? I wish i cd post the pictures for u but they are Nasty, Not on my Wall… Ponography Assuse banange….Oh God help us.”

Margla is yet to fire back.

Watch this space!


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