Zari Lover Farouq’s Nude Picture Goes Viral A nude picture of Zari Hassan’s boyfriend Farouk Sempala has become an instant hit on social media.

For the last few hours, Sempala’s picture has been circulating like a wild fire.

In the picture, he shows off his full frontal view with his private parts in full view. And ladies have gone gaga over

the picture with many saying the fella is really well endowed.

“No wonder Zari left Ivan Semwanga for this guy. He is a legend in the southern department,” most ladies have commented on the picture.

When contacted, Sempala admitted that it was indeed him and not work of photoshop.

“Yes that’s me but that happened five years ago. It was leaked by a former lover,” he told Peng Peng, a social media whistleblower.

Zari is yet to comment.


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