Bebe Cool on stage

Bebe Cool on stage

At exactly 9:13am, Bebe Cool rang our (Xclusive UG) hotline.

We missed his call.

At 1:16pm we called him back.

“I was calling you guys to find out your opinion of my concert last night,” he says.

“It was a game changer. You nailed it and you deserve it!” we informed him.

“Thank you guys, and thank for me my sponsors and fans. Without them I wouldn’t have made it,” he told us before hanging up.

Now this is unlike of Bebe Cool.

For all the years he’s been in the music industry, he is known as an arrogant, big headed and spoiled (he is Bidandi Ssali’s son) musician.

We do not know how but seems like Bebe Cool has changed.

First of all he did not have very kind words for his dad Bidandi last night. He accused him of abandoning him. “I grew up with only my mom. I have never known a father’s love,” Bebe said in the middle of his performance.

Thankfully he forgave the dad longtime ago.

For example when Bidandi was terribly ill last year, his children decided to to cover his medical fees.

Bebe contributed shs4 million, the highest amount from all the children.

Now that’s the Bebe Cool known to family and close friends. And former friends like Jose Chameleone and Bobi Wine.

He has a good


Sadly fans all over the country have never known this.

But ever since he started working with Steve Jean at Fenon Records, Bebe has finally realized humility, not arrogance is what it takes to be successful.

As a public figure this is what he should have done longtime ago. All the same it is never too late and he has done it.

Last night Bebe Cool was at his humble best and it is safe to say he could have changed the perception of the Uganda music industry.

Kickboxing and boxing have previously been shown live on television.

Best of Bebe Cool (BBC) was the first individual concert to be shown live on TV.

There was massive turn up

There was massive turn up

And the singer’s fans will rightly term it as history (ebyafaayo).

Even managing to attract Kampala’s top businessmen including Sudhir Ruparelia, Gordon Wavamunno among others is a first.

Again history!

His performance might not have been his best live act but the crowd was impressed. From 8:30pm to midnight, the Gagamel International Limited boss put up a spirited performance.

The star performed most of his top songs including Big Size, Minzani, Nkwagala, Bamugambe, Agenze, Nyonyi Nkeze, Nkola Byafayo among others before he climaxed with his blockbuster new hit Love You Every Day.

The powerful concert was sponsored by Pepsi, Club Beer, SMS One and Fenon Records.








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