Cindy and Muyiisa

Cindy and Muyiisa

Fina Mugerwa Masanyaraze has blasted Cindy for playing sex in front of her (Fina’s) son and branded her a ‘pig.’

This came just a day before Cindy introduced her man Kenneth Muyiisa. While appearing on a local television station on Sunday night, a seemingly disturbed Fina revealed that she had no problem with Cindy dating the father of her son Muyiisa. She (Fina) revealed that she was totally over Muyiisa and no longer in love and revealed that she can’t share a plate with a pig.

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She claimed that she had thrown away the plate (Muyiisa) to a pig (Cindy).

In her own words, she wished Cindy the best in the relationship but questioned whether she is driven by love. To her, Cindy is about the Range Rovers and the good life Muyiisa can offer.

Cindy insists it’s purely love.

However Fina revealed the only thing she regrets about Cindy and Muyiisa is that the two make love when her son is looking.

“This is very sensitive. How can they make out when my four year old son is watching? He has complained to me more often. This hurts me,” Fina said.

Muyiisa last night paid an official visit to Cindy’s home as the pair kick off the legalities of their relationship.


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