AK47 blasts Chameleone

AK47 blasts Chameleone

Ever since he left or was rather fired from Leone Island, Team No Sleep singer AK47 (sometimes Akay Fourty Seven) has been secretly biffing elder brother Jose Chameleone.

The biff has mainly been silent. But finally AK47 has blasted Chameleone over last Sunday’s incident in Club Venom where the latter found

DJ Roja over music.

Yesterday we revealed that Chameleone had attacked Roja following a disagreement over music being played.

Now AK47 has come out strongly to blame Chameleone for the misconduct.

In his rant, AK47 insists that deejays should play music for the people not musicians like Chameleone wanted.

AK47 also tells Chameleone to learn to respect every person if he too wants respect.

It remains to be seen how he will react to this stinging from his young brother.


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