Anita Fabiola (in blue) alongside Roger Mugisha and a pal at Serena last night

Anita Fabiola (in blue) alongside Roger Mugisha and a pal at Serena last night

Ever since her program Be My Date premiered on Serena based NTV, curvy Anita Fabiola Kyalimpa has been arguably the most talked about female television presenter.

Her show is one of the most watched, not maybe for the content but her curves.

Xclusive UG’s @DEMO RILEY caught up with her…


Xclusive UG: Who Is Anita Fabiola?

Anita: Am very humble, hardworking and ambitious young lady who studied at St. Lawrence London College for both O and A level. I am now a 2nd year mass communication student at Makerere University. I take my education very seriously and I have always performed extremely well throughout my education. I do intend to go ahead with a masters and PHD once am done with my bachelor’s degree.


Xclusive UG: You came in the limelight as a model, where did you get the passion for media?

Anita: I have never been a model but I have always been a beauty queen. Those are completely different fields. I was Miss High

School 2012, Miss Uganda West, Miss Photogenic and Miss Uganda 1st runner up 2013. I have always had love for presenting and I am extremely humbled that my presenting debut has been extremely exciting. I really love what I do.


Xclusive UG: Rumor has it that your mother-in-law Sarah Kizito restricted his son Red Mo from dating you and that she can’t permit him to marry you. Is it true?

Anita: That’s whole situation is a media fabrication. There’s absolutely no truth to it. We are in very good terms.


Xclusive UG: On Be My Date show, i must say it’s the talk of the town, what is you experience so far?

Anita: I love my show, it excites me and am extremely humbled by all the love people have for the show. Each show is always a whole new different experience for me, plus the sole purpose of the show is to promote the dating culture in a very fun and exciting way. Be my Date is getting bigger and better.


Xclusive UG: Rumor has it that you are secretly dating singer Allan Toniks. How true?

Anita: That is also a false rumour and media fabrication. We are simply friends, nothing more to it.


Xclusive UG: What else do you do apart looking nice eeeeeh sorry apart from hosting Be My Date show?

Anita: Hahaha, am an actress, commercial modeling host corporate events. I also

work with a few charity organisations involved with orphans and street children and many more things that I don’t want to publicize.


Xclusive UG: So how do you balance books and all that work?


Anita: Actually I am a very organised person because I believe there is time for everything. When it’s time for class, I go to class, if it’s work time,I do exactly that. So this helps me keep a balanced schedule. I get really busy but I love being busy. It’s not a challenge.


Xclusive UG: What’s your biff with Urban TV presenter Marry Luswata?

Anita: Just so we are clear, i don’t have a problem with any presenter. I totally respect Mary Luswata and she is quite a good presenter. We are in the same industry so it’s important for everyone to get along. I’d never attack or fire back at a presenter or journalist. It’s their job. I only wish tabloids would promote friendship and togetherness instead of fueling fights. But there is no bad blood between me and anyone from the entertainment industry.


Xclusive UG: Uganda has countless models who have tussled for a long time but still failed to make it to the national level. What do think is still lacking in our modelling industry?

Anita: Uganda has a lot of potential people who are extremely smart and creative. I feel there is lack of professionalism but that can change. We have so many talented designers’ photographers and models. It’s still a work in progress and I must thank fashion guru and model mentor Joram Job for his contribution to the fashion and modeling industry. And ofcourse many others.


Xclusive UG: Besides Who is your favourite male artiste in Uganda and why?

Anita: There are so many talented male artists and I can’t narrow it down to just one, but I must say Uganda really has talent.


Xclusive UG: The worse moment you’ve ever experienced?

Anita: I have not really had a worst moment. I love life, I have a lot to be thankful for and a lot to be excited about life is a blessing.


Xclusive UG: Where do you see you’re self in five years to come?


Anita: I have big dreams, very big dreams and am working towards my goal one step at a time and am proud to say that everyone I have ever envisioned is becoming a reality. There is power in dreaming, plus I think positive so I will definitely get there.


Xclusive UG: Any last word you would like to leave for you fans?

Anita: I always say thank you because am more than grateful for the support I have received. I thank Uganda.


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