Douglas Lwanga

Douglas Lwanga

The annual Purple Party is just around the corner. Come 27th December all roads will lead to Club Venom for the annual do organized by NTV the Beat presenter Douglas Lwanga.
The purple party that features all local musicians has fast become a main fixture on the annual entertainment calendar; no wonder companies, including Xclusive UG Media, have become part of the event.
Today Xclusive UG’s Demo Riley caught up with Douglas Lwanga on why Purple Party…

Xclusive UG: How are you Douglas?
Douglas: Am fine and doing well.

Xclusive UG: Straight to the point, how is the organization of the
3rd annual Purple Party. What’s so unique about this year’s episode?
Douglas: The first time we organized the Purple Party, it was to bring people together and have a good time. The second time, we were like ok the last time it was successful, why not to try it again. Now the third time, we are actually emphasizing that this event is here to stay. Now it is a business and a mainstay on the social calendar. That’s why we are doing it the third time and this time around its going to be more massive than what it has been the past

two years. It’s going to be a VIP-for-all event.

Xclusive UG: Your party has the culture of dress code being purple. How did you come up with that color?
Douglas: Purple is the dress code because it is a lifestyle/ entertainment color all over the world. And our party is something strictly for entertainment, so purple is the perfect match. I know it’s hard to find but this even adds on the whole sophistication of the event. Purple is not like other colours. So when someone gets it then he/she really wants to party.
Xclusive UG: So what are some of the surprise guests we should expect?
Douglas: Man, Purple party has the highest record of entertainers. Backstage is always filled up with all artistes in one building; from the biggest to the little known. And that’s we don’t put names of artistes on posters because it’s a long list and actually it’s not only artistes but comedians, emcees, deejays and other entertainers who come through to celebrate with me.

Xclusive UG: By the way why Club Venom and not the usual Bull Dog bar in Wandegeya?
Douglas: Bull Dog had become a smaller venue for the Purple Party which is always growing. Club Venom is spacious and accessible by everyone. Besides this will be the beach bar side which is funky.


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