Sexy Pierra

Sexy Pierra

She might be little known but it is just a matter of time before everyone starts talking about new kid on the block Pierra Akwero. Ever since she hit the music industry in late 2012, sexy Pierra has been secretly studying the Uganda music industry to try and make her breakthrough. She has released a number of songs that include Emptiness,

Anyaka, Awaci but clearly it is her new song that will finally enable that breakthrough that has been eluding her.

Gorgeous Pierra’s new song Like Tattoos will have everyone stand up and notice, that’s for sure. The song, produced at Badi Music Studio, is already receiving massive airplay on radio.

And Pierra is confident she has finally made her mark on the industry. When asked, she said her dream is to make an impact on the music scene. That impact is surely not far.

Watch this space!


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