Joweria's post on facebook

Joweria’s post on facebook

Some people are born plain heartless! One such person is one Joweria Nakyeyune, a Member of Parliament hopeful for 2016.
Joweria shocked Ugandans on social media platform Facebook when she posted a long comment in support of the maid who brutally treated a two year old daughter.
Since Friday last week an agonizing video of 22 year old Jolly Tumuharwe terrorizing two year old Arnelle has rocked social media.
Ruthless Joweria

Ruthless Joweria

Almost everyone who has watched it has been left speechless over the maid’s actions. Everyone is castigating the maid. Well apart from politician Joweria.
This is what she posted (unedited) on her facebook wall:
“Naye Ugandans with being diversionary! What is so unusual with the maid’s actions? Some kids are hard-headed and ill mannered, they deserve to be beaten back to sense.
Mbu charged with attempted murder, is a touch a deadly weapon? Only wasting taxpayer’s money! Why do u go in marriage and put the burden of raising ur kid on another person? Mothers and fathers shd own up to their responsibility! Nothing the maid did is unusual, who has bothered to ask for a wage-little pay stirs up anger!
May be the man of the house wanted to mount her! May be the lady of the house is cruel! Perhaps the kid is ill mannered! A few hitting with a touch to raise such alarm!!! I think we ought to be objective…Let’s hear her out!!!”

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