United Kingdom based Ugandan singer Ang3lina, popular for her hit Ghetto Loving is sexy and hot. And her talent is taking her places. Today Xclusive UG’s Demo Riley caught up with her…


Xclusive UG: Who is Ang3lina?

Ang3lina: My real name is Angela Nabuufu. I’m 20 years old pursuing a degree in clinical psychology at the University of Birmingham. I come from a family of 4 girls. Both my parents are Ugandans. I started playing the piano at the age of 7, that’s when music became a part of me.


Xclusive UG: Who writes your melodious music?

Ang3lina: So far the tracks that I have released like “the one” and “ghetto lovin” I wrote them myself. I do write my own music but I intend to work with a few song writers in Uganda.


Xclusive UG: There many aspects to sing about, what inspired you to sing Ghetto Loving?

Ang3lina: I guess I just wanted to write about something that happens in everyday life. That way people can relate more to the song when they listen to it. You see a lot of men using money as a “tool” to win a woman’s heart these days. Yes money is an essential need in life, but I don’t believe it can buy love. So that’s why I sang: Ghetto Lovin’


Xclusive UG: Tell us about your love life…

Ang3lina: Haha. Well I’m definitely not married, nor am I searching. You do the maths.


Xclusive UG: Before your first single “Ghetto Loving” became a club banger, you were based in UK. Are you still

based there or you decided to leave completely for Uganda?

Ang3lina: Yes. I’m still based in the UK. It’s where I was brought up. But I do come back to Uganda a lot throughout the year. I intend to come back for good after I graduate from university.


Xclusive UG: What else do you do apart from singing?

Ang3lina: Well I study at university. And also work part time.


Xclusive UG: There are countless divas with hits on the music scene. Aren’t you afraid of the competition?

Ang3lina: No, I guess that just pushes me to work even harder. If there was no competition, the music industry would be boring.


Xclusive UG: What should your fans expect this year?

Ang3lina: New music of course. And better videos! I don’t like to say much, actions speak louder than words.


Xclusive UG: Which Uganda male artiste you love to work with musically?

Ang3lina: Ooooh. I think that would be Radio. He has an amazing voice.


Xclusive UG: Who is your role model and why?

Ang3lina: Alicia Keys. She plays the piano and has an flawless voice. I just love everything about her. I play the piano myself, so I look up to her. The way she plays, the keys she uses. I’m a crazy fan


Xclusive UG: Last word to your fans?

Ang3lina: Would like to say a big Thank you to everyone that follows me on my pages. Thank you for being patient with me too, especially that I’m not always around. I feel like this is just the beginning for Team Ang3lina. There is a lot more I want to deliver to my fans. Let’s just keep the fire burning, I promise to not let them down!!!


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