Spice Diana

Spice Diana

Diana Namukwaya aka Spice Diana is a promising female diva. Her hit song Osanula literally meaning you melt me has without a doubt left many drown in love with her music and still yearning for more. Spice Diana is among the few talented performers who spice up any social events.

Xclusive UG’s Demo Riley caught up with her…


Xclusive UG: Who Is Spice Diana?

Spice: Am a young talented and promising artist in Uganda. I went to Kibuli Demonstration School for my primary education and then went through St. Peter’s Nsambya and Kampala Citizen College for my secondary level.


Xclusive UG: Who composes for you?

Spice: I write my own songs basing on the ideas and experience I pass through. However I am assisted by a fellow young artist called Kezzy Wizzy.


Xclusive UG: By the way we hear King Saha is the lucky dude in your life, how true?


Spice: Hahaha, Saha is just my fan like many of you. Since we are both artistes, music brings us together as friends.


Xclusive UG: How does it feel like working with Khalifa Aga Naga?

Spice: Woah it feels great. He’s so talented and more so good in person. I appreciate him a lot. He wishes so well for me which is not the case for others. He is one in a million.



Xclusive UG: Are you in a relationship?

Spice: Since am still a student. I know good things are in future. So God has better plan for me. For now am concentrating on my music career and education.


Xclusive UG: You are a student?

Spice: True am in my first year at Makerere University pursuing a degree in Industrial Fine Art. It’s great achievement in my life. God has given me this chance so I got to use it well.


Xclusive UG: Ugandans know you for only one Osanula hit. Where

are the other songs?

Spice: Well I have two new songs which are already out and interestingly they are also doing so well on radios stations everywhere. And by Thursday a video for one titled Nze Akwagala will be out as we are getting ready for another video shoot for the new club banger dubbed Sitoma.


Xclusive UG: Which Ugandan male artiste would you love to work with and why?

Spice: Everyone who is talented and has what it takes.



Xclusive UG: Where did you get the passion for music?

Spice: it’s within me. I mean it has always been part of me and my mum has also inspired me a lot since she supported me from day one.


Xclusive UG: There numerous female artistes trending with hits. This brings stiff competition, how do you handle?

Spice: As long as my God is with me, am not afraid. I will make it to the top someday. Iam working smartly no need to compete with anyone, besides I have the best management in Twinkle Agency. Music talks!!


Xclusive UG: What are some of the challenges you have so far faced in the industry?

Spice: A lot though I have managed to overcome some of them by staying focused and straight. There is this tendency of trying to take advantage of us young artists. Bribery, tit for tat games, selfishness is also too much.


Xclusive UG: Any last word you would like to leave for you fans?

Spice: I would like to thank everyone who has contributed so much to my success so far. I thank all media houses especially all TV and radio stations that have given airplay to my music. I thank my promoters JUNIX PRO, my fans for loving and supporting SPICE DIANA. The fans are the reason I am who I am. I also want to thank and extend my love to my mum and team Spice Diana. Lastly a big thanks and big up to TWINKLE STAR AGENCY.


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