Hannington Bugingo

Hannington Bugingo

This week has been one hell of a successful one for Fun Factory CEO Hannington Bugingo without a doubt.
Following the success of the 5 Star Comedy madness that was held on Thursday at Imperial Royale hotel, Buju- as he is popularly known among buddies, took to Club Amnesia where he drowned everyone who could recognize him with endless bottles of beer as he danced away the night with colleagues.
However what excited Xclusive UG was when Buju took a break from the

free flowing booze in Amnesia and settled for a platter of rice and meat with a yet to be identified lady at neighboring Greasy Spoon. Our sources were excited and happy for Buju as he ate away the lady, probably a member of Fun Factory. Comedy show 5 Star was a hit with attendance up there. Practically Imperial Royale was full to capacity and thanks to the fact that Fun Factory is the biggest comedy outfit in the country and the media hype from Mirinda. And the entertainers/ comedian lived up to their standard as they cracked ribs.
No wonder Buju had to party after the event.





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