Being amongst the few lucky Ugandans to reap big in the fashion industry, revered city fashionista and stylist Ahumuza Brian better known as A-bryanz has forth given life to fashion in Kampala. Xclusive UG’s DEMO RILEY caught up with the soft spoken down to earth Brian for a one on one…

Xclusive UG: Who is Abryanz?
A-bryanz: I am Ahumuza Brian, I was born 1st November 1990 and studied from Masindi all my primary level (Asaba Primary School). I then came to Kampala and joined Bugema Adventist Seconday School, and then I went to Lakeside College in Luzira for my A Level. I joined Kyambogo University for my tertiary education. My first job was a cleaner at Huawei Technologies UG. I was promoted to receptionist before becoming the transports manager because of my hard work. I left for my own business in 2010 and here I am.

Xclusive UG: What inspired you to initiate the idea of the Fashion awards in Uganda?
A-bryanz: I’ve loved fashion since I was a kid, it’s a passion. Coming up with the idea of the awards was out of love for fashion not money. I did a couple of theme nights in club with Kim Swagga for two years but I felt they didn’t have an impact on the fashion industry so I had to think harder coming up with something that would bring together all fashion lovers and contributors, and would also portray me as someone influential and leave a legacy. So it started as a joke last year when I was drafting the idea but towards the last days of the event, I realized it was what people had been missing. Last year was the first and the feedback was positive. This year was bigger and better. Next year will be wow, I promise.

Xclusive UG: By the way some contestants, who lost out at your recent ASFA event, reckon that they were cheated for a motive that you only favoured those who support your clothing brand. How true is this?
A-bryanz: First of all you can never do awards that are fair to everyone. Different nominees have different fans that believe in them. The awards were not after who supports my brand or not. The awards were for both males and females. The truth is I would never give a clear reason to justify. We used opinionstage.com voting system for online which is not powered or influenced

by us. It was a purchased online systen and it carried 40% of the final verdict. Then, Sms One was responsible for SMS voting which carried 60%. All the voting rights where in the hands of the voters. Some nominees felt more special and superior to others but it was the votes that counted as we respected and felt all nominees deserved the awards.
Xclusive UG: Where do you see yourself in five years from now?
A-bryanz: I do my best as person and leave the rest to God. Where I will be in 5 years is all God’s plan.

Xclusive UG: Who is your favourite female fashionista in Uganda?
A-bryanz: There are lots of female fashionistas in Uganda and they are Sheilah Gashumba, Zari, Judith Heard, Juliana Kanyomozi, Vivianne and so many more gals around town who really put much effort in their wardrobes.
Xclusive UG: As a person in fashion you definitely deal with models. How do you rate the Uganda modeling industry?
A-bryanz: Sponsors and big brands need to support and embrace the models. Models need to also set a standard and have some level of professionalism, team work and build portfolios.

Xclusive UG: What are some of the challenges you face in the business?
A-bryanz: What were my challenges were giving people room to influence my work. If you listen to what people going to think of you then trust me you won’t deliver.

Xclusive UG: By the way how is your girlfriend Sheila Gashumba?
A-bryanz: Sheilah Gashumba is not my lover I keep my relationships and people I date private. That takes me back to where you mentioned that people who won awards are only people who support my brand. Sheilah is one person I respect so much and who has supported me since 2012. A lot puts us together; age, love for fashion and our kind of work but she is more of a friend. Actually she is not just a friend, but one who has supported me through my work and career. I respect her and run to her for advice most times before I make big decisions.
Xclusive UG: Who are your favourite artistes in Uganda and why?
A-bryanz: My favourite artists in Uganda are Jose Chameleone, Karo Sovie, Nutty Neithan, and Iryn Namubiru. I love good music and respect all artistes.
Xclusive UG: Your last inspiration word to the fans?
A-bryanz: My last words are strive to always keep your head high at whatever cost.


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