Mwenda's new car

Mwenda’s new car

Independent Magazine CEO and NTV News Night analyst Andrew Mwenda has acquired new wheels. Mwenda unleashed the monster Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited Model 2014 today at his offices in Kanjokya Kamwokya.
Recently Mwenda’s car, an Audi, was involved in an accident when a truck rammed into it.

Andrew Mwenda's Audi after the accident


Mwenda’s Audi after the accident

According to, Mwenda’s new car is a study in contradictions—but they resolve into one impressive, capable, attractive vehicle. The result is an appealing alternative to even more expensive vehicles from BMW, Porsche, Land Rover, and Mercedes-Benz.
The Grand Cherokee, along with the Ford Explorer, is one of the “original” SUVs that kicked off the suburban utility craze in the 1990s. It’s come so, so far–not the least in fuel economy. For 2014, it gains a new turbo diesel engine option, which gives it better highway fuel economy than some luxury sedans we can name.


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