Diamond will grace Zari's White Party

Diamond will grace Zari’s White Party

The mother of all parties is set for tonight around Kampala. Various hangouts in town will host some of the biggest social gatherings like never seen before.
Musically tonight could prove to be a turning in point in the Uganda live music performances. Dr. Jose Chameleone will tonight host the One Million One Man Charity concert at Kampala Serena Hotel.
Tonight there will also be the 5 Star comedy night featuring the Fun Factory group at Imperial Royale hotel. Sue Ochola and Judith Heard host the Fab Clan Arab Money party at Cayenne bar in Bukoto while their rival Zari Hassan will be at Guvnor for her All White Ciroc Party.
The Samsung Twitter party is on at Panamera Bar.
What has been on everyone’s lips is which of the parties will flop. While there is a possibility that all the dos could be a success this can’t be guaranteed.
Hours to showtime, Xclusive UG looks at the possibilities…

Chameleone One Million Concert
Uganda’s top musician is expected to attract the crème of Uganda’s A Listers. For starters First Lady Janet Museveni is expected to be the guest of honor. Just a few days we revealed how tycoon Charles Mbiire had bought a ticket at shs10 million. Clearly this event is not for the normal party animal who goes to Club Silk. This is for Uganda’s crème de la crème.
If Chameleone executed his marketing well you can be sure he will be very fine. Lastly his gig starts at exactly 8pm to 11pm.

The 5 Star Madness