Kenzo and Rema

Kenzo and Rema

Big Talent boss Eddy Kenzo has finally acknowledged being the father of fellow singer Rema Namakula’s baby, and promptly given the newly born a name. He has named her Aamaal Musuuza. Baby Aamaal was born yesterday at Paragon Hospital in Bugolobi. But ever since it emerged that Rema was pregnant, it has always been suggested that the singer Mathias was responsible for the pregnancy. Kenzo and Rema, all along, kept quiet.
But now Kenzo has come out for the first

time and acknowledged to being the baby daddy, making him a second time father.
He posted on his facebook: “Mukama wamanyi boxing day YAZE ne musuuza omupya alihamidulirah maya afunye sister. Era kanebaze omulungi wange abadde very strong ebanga lyona.
Ate wanjawulo according to her status ne myakaje abantu abamuvodde yandibade yabadamu nga ayomba naye yasirika. olugero lwa kasiru takusiruwaza alumanyi. bogedde ebisongovu bafune attention tezemu nomu Allah akuwe kyosinga okwagala mukwano. kale twanirize baby Aamaal munsi enungi Nga mukama yemukulembeze.Amen.”
The statement confirms that he is the daddy and thanks Rema for keeping strong even when there was too much negative publicity about her kid’s paternity.


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