Santa Anzo

Santa Anzo

She is without a doubt the biggest name in the local (Uganda) fashion industry.
But in her words Santa Anzo, the boss of Arapapa, reveals her success didn’t come on a silver platter like many would imagine.
At the tender age of four, she was a refugee in Southern Sudan and didn’t return to Uganda until she was seven.
By the time she completed high school, her parents had retired from the civil service and to achieve her dream, she had no choice but to take on a job as a waitress at Kampala Casino. Over the years, she also worked as a waitress at Edelweiss Delicatessen and Café Roma, both restaurants in Muyenga.
But her jobs as a waitress were rather icing on the cake.
The ever jolly Santa Anzo has revealed that her journey as a baby was hell.
She revealed that how she recently broke down and “cried, l cried my heart out, l cried like a baby….I can’t stop sobbing as l watch the movie “THE GOOD LIE” and yet l can’t turn it off…this is a true story of the “LOST BOYS OF SUDAN”, and yet this is my true story as well.”
The Lost Boys Of Sudan is a movie about the sufferings faced by young Sudanese boys. She relates to it.
This is what she had to say:
“You see at only 4 years old l was torn away from the privileged life into which l was born on the slopes of Kololo Hill in Kampala and banished to the South Sudanese desert as a refugee. Where l lived every inch of this life threatening tales the lost boys of Sudan lived.
I drunk the filthy muddy water which we were overjoyed to find after digging up to 4 feet deep, l ate wild leaves for food. My soft Kampala lips, skin and feet were scorched dry from the heat and the miles walked into safety, running from both the Ugandan soldiers and as well the Arab

militia from Khartoum who bombed everything black and Christian. l was surrounded by war on all sides, and yes l was only 4. As we left Moyo bullets rained, bombs blasted, uncles, aunties, little children moaned their last. Human babies, chickens, goats, gardens and all our huts were set ablaze- again. l looked back and saw a huge fire consume my precious home/village which l had just been introduced to. As l watched some of the brothers of the lost boys starve to death or simply choke to death due to thirst, like the lost boys my little body swam to life as the over -flooded river Nile almost carried me away(a miracle as l am a poor swimmer)… l remember how Mummy pleaded and cried begging me to eat with the other kids…you see l had never known a hard life, but now l had to share ONE meal a day poured onto a large tray for all refugees to share! I am thankful though that I came out of this “whole” with Mummy, all my siblings, my Dad -who had been taken by the soldiers & banished to the Nile-Munchions(read the Guillotine/current Serena hotel) and yes today here l am your beloved, celebrated inspirational gal, an owner of an International fashion brand-a premium in E. Africa. Although the lost boys lost siblings, all relatives plus their Mummies &Daddies as l tune back into the movie, l believe that they will excel me. Iif not in this movie, l know & believe that each of them, even the skinny starving babies still stuck in Darfur and other parts of South Sudan will survive-to launch their bigger selves. l remain grateful, forgiving and positive. lam expectant of the greater good to come…Now you know why my love for President Yoweri Museveni is unconditional…l treasure peace, peace is life, it made me see my family again…and yes May God continue to bless the United States of America…Please watch this movie, you will be inspired to rise above your current challenges…you have seen none of what the lost boys of Sudan & l have seen…you have no reason to fail. With love, Santa.”


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