Leah Kalanguka is fashion conscience

Leah Kalanguka is fashion conscience

The Miss World beauty contest set to take place just four days from today (14th December) is just around the corner. Miss Uganda Leah Kalanguka has been rumored to be among the favorites ahead of the grand finale in London.
23 year old Leah is a graduate with a BA in Computer Engineering, she is studying further, with the ambitions of becoming a powerful influential computer engineer in her country, with plans of developing programs which can revolutionise the agricultural industry of Uganda. Aside from her career ambitions, Leah likes to sing and dance, and her favourite sports are volleyball and swimming.
Recently Leah spoke to Miss World organizers

and gave quick facts about herself.
Today Xclusive UG reproduces the interview…

Qtn: What website could you not live without and why?
Leah: I would not do without Wikipedia because it gives quick information to certain ideas I may lack knowledge to.

Qtn: What is the best app you’ve used in the last year?
Leah: WhatsApp, because here in my country it has made it very easy for me to communicate with my friends and family.

Qtn: Favourite music?

Leah: I like to listen to Inspirational Gospel Music.

Qtn: What is your favourite fashion website?
Leah: FlipZone

Qtn: Favourite food?
Leah: My favourite food is rice and chicken.

Qtn: What annoys you most about the world you live in?
Leah: What annoys me most about the world I live in is the fact that people have failed to love each other as they love themselves.


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