Students at China's Shenyang Agriculture University found their own way of marking the start of 2015  (Reuters photo)

Students at China’s Shenyang Agriculture University found their own way of marking the start of 2015 (Reuters photo)

It was the night when partiers and worshippers across Uganda let their hair down for the biggest party of the year.
Millions took to the streets to celebrate a night to remember as the country ushered in 2015 – and some clearly enjoyed the occasion more than others.
Worshippers filled Nambole Stadium to the brim and prayed all night.
But it all got a bit too much for some party-goers, as they engaged in uncontrollable drinking.
Vomit could be seen in many hangout places like in the Lubiri for the annual end of year Enkuuka show. Sheraton Gardens was filled to capacity as

top musicians including Dr. Jose Chameleone ushered people into the 2015.
Meanwhile celebrations to mark the start of 2015 have took place around the world, with firework displays in a host of major cities.
New Zealand led the way, with Sydney Harbour providing a spectacular backdrop to Australia’s display.
There was shock in Asia as a crush in Shanghai, China saw 35 people die marking the start of 2015.
The Gulf Arab emirate of Dubai aimed to break the world record for the largest LED-illuminated facade.
It launched its spectacular display centred on the world’s tallest building.
Thousands of people celebrated in New York’s Times Square for the city’s annual New Year’s Eve festivities, but this year security was tight as a protest took place nearby against police use of force and the state of race relations in the country.
Las Vegas, Los Angeles and San Francisco were among the last major cities to see in the new year.



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