BABALUKU HAS put his weight behind Atlas De African in his battle with Navio Kigozi for the best Ugandan rapper.

Babaluku believes Atlas has the edge over Navio

Babaluku believes Atlas has the edge over Navio

Babaluku- himself a rap artiste- reckons Atlas beats Navio ‘hands down’ in the rap game.

For years there has always been an intensified argument as to who is the best among Navio and Atlas. And the debate has always been sort of balanced although seems to be more popular among Ugandans and Africans to an extent.

But according to Babaluku, Navio is a kid in the game when it comes to Atlas.

Navio and Atlas


and Atlas

Lately there has been talk that Navio is imitating Atlas’ marketing strategies.

In December Atlas’ video premiere for his latest video for the collaboration song he did with Lillian Mbabazi had the theme “4’Days to go” more like the (countdown) to his video launch then.

It seemed like a catchy phrase for his enthusiastic fans who kept on the lookout for this high-end video and collabo.

The catchy theme must have done the magic.

According to some people Navio seems to have adopted the same catchy theme as seen on his posters for his upcoming “Kigozi” video launch slated for tomorrow night at Amnesia.

But again Navios postures and almost everything on the poster seem to have a resemblance to his rival’s.

This and their rap flows have always brought up the big question on who is the king of hip hop/rap in Uganda? Atlas seems to be flying high in this game.




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