UGAANDA’S NUMBER one nightspot Guvnor has introduced a theme night dedicated to Ugandan music.

Charlie Lubega, the owner of Guvnor night spot

Charlie Lubega, the owner of Guvnor night spot

This Friday will be the first night that is dedicated to Ugandan music. Local music will be played till 3am. The night came up as a result of continued complaints from musicians that some of their music

is not played in places like Guvnor; so on this night you can get to dance to music from the likes of pastor Wilson Bugembe, Mesarch Semakula, Ronal Mayinja, Gravity to Fred Sebata and Paul Kafero. Guvnor believes that if the trend starts on one night, the deejays might realize how much people love Ugandan music and even start playing it on other nights. The launch will have Catherine Kusasira and Jamal performing live. The night will happen every second Friday of the month.




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