UGANDAN GIRLS have always target workers wherever international musicians come to Uganda.

All the glamour girls line up at the international celebrities hotels hoping to be chosen among the many.

While in Uganda, Bend Over hit singers, Jamaican duo RDX caused a stir when they practically humped Ugandan babes to massive orgasms on stage at Resort Beach Entebbe and Kiwatule Recreation Centre.

Another Jamaican singer Elephant Man practically had sex with a Ugandan chic at the Club Silk Street Jam a few years back. He was so high on weed that just after his performance he collapsed.

But most international stars who have been in Uganda lived up to their fame and tried to keep their bedroom matters a secret.

Today Xclusive UG unleashes Ugandan girls who have bedded international stars…


Lucky Dube/ Sheila Nvannungi

Sheila Nvannungi

Sheila Nvannungi

South Africa reggae maestro, the late Lucky Dube was a true legend and darling all over the world. For all the times he came around, women wanted to devour her. During his last visit in 2003 he got hooked to then a young promising singer and presenter on radio Uganda Sheila Nvannungi and the two were inseparable from the time the singer was in the country till he left. From then the two kept communicating. It’s on record that Nvannungi was the only female person who accessed the singer’s Nile Hotel room whenever he was in Uganda. Not even his female back-up band members. When Dube was murdered in cold blood by carjackers, Nvannungi prepared to attend the burial in South Africa but her flight arrangements were delayed.


Akon/ Bella & Susan Owori

Akon and Susan Owori

Akon onstage performing (File Photo)

Singer Akon took Ugandans for granted when he cancelled his show claiming he was suffering from a sore throat yet he had another show in the US. A week after the cancelation the super star stepped in the land and boy he enjoyed. With the help of renowned fashion designer Sylvia Owori alongside her younger sister Susan Owori they managed to link him up with then Entebbe heartthrob Bella Wakikona. The light skinned babe became a big celeb in Kampala. To make matters worse Bella and Susan both had a fair share of the Senegalese US based singer whose Serena hotel room became their bedroom.

However, Susan is still alleging that the kid she has is for the singer and it all resulted from the short stint fling they had during his brief stay in the country.


Beenieman/ 10 Thigh Vendors

Although it looked like a mission impossible, singer Dr. Jose Chameleone had his longtime dream achieved when he strategized to record a duet with the Jamaican dancehall star Beenieman after he was given the deal to host the visiting star by show organizers David Kazoora and Ally Alibhai.

The deal included picking the Jamaican star from the airport to the hotel and footing hotel bills. Unlike other visiting musicians, the Jamaican proclaimed dancehall king didn’t have to enjoy our beautiful babes because of his bad drinking habits. It is said that Beenieman- whose movements around Kampala were being handled by Chameleone- scored ten ladies of the night from the Speke Road based Rock Gardens, thanks to his handler. We hear little did Bennie Man know they were sluts until he went back to Kingston Jamaica.

It is said Chameleone’s interest was not hooking up Bennie Man with a nice Kampala babe but he was only interested in having his duet song dream fulfilled. It is believed that this is the reason the Chameleone/ Bennie Man duet song video was never shot. Beenie has never forgiven Chameleone.



Talk is rife that Jamaican American reggae singer real name Orville Richard Burrell aka Shaggy bonked some highly fertile babe called Samalie on one of his visits to Uganda. He literally turned Kampala into his second home as he occasionally did more shows. It must be remembered that in 2008, Shaggy broke off his world tour to spend five days in Uganda yet he had only one show at Cricket Oval. It is said Samalie has a child with Shaggy.


Red San/Zoe and Tasha

Kenyan singing dancehall sensational singer Red San is known to be the darling of Kampala urban babes. Whenever he would visit Kampala for a show, his Hotel Africana room would be a beeline for all sexy good looking Kampala babes. This at one time forced him to launch his album titled Pioneer in Kampala at Steak Out bar because he believed he had more support in Kampala than in Nairobi and babes didn’t disappoint him as they turned up in numbers. In fact it is said he was also forced to shoot a video of his ‘Who Is Chicken’ song in Kampala that featured most of the babes that he had had a share. Among the babes remembered to have been close to Red San is former Miss Uganda model

Zoe Namazzi and Zipper model Tasha Nanozi.


P-Square’s Peter/Tracy Bora

Tracy Bora

Tracy Bora

Their first show at the beach might have been low profile but these Nigerian twin brothers were a major force in women’s pants.

Among the city babes that didn’t survive the whopper wrath of Peter Okoye of P-Square is city glamour girl Tracy Borah. During that time Tracy was too notorious in love circles because she had just broken up with city Pilao master Salim Uhuru. That time she was practicing ‘no strings attached affairs.’ As a result P-Square’s Peter enjoyed gorgeous Tracy on a silver platter.


2-Face/Owori&Priscilla Ray


Priscilla Ray

Priscilla Ray

Nigerian superstar 2 Face Idibia spent quite some time in Kampala in 2005 where he even recorded a special version of his classic track, African Queen. While here he was close to local star Peter Miles and Klear Kut. He was fetched in for the MTV base events apart from the small projects he had with Miles and Navio to recreate the classic Miles/Navio showdown, Rukus. He got time to mingle with Ugandan babes and they had what can be termed as fun. By then the hottest Uganda celebrity to hang with 2-Face was Priscilla Ray who was then with Zipper Models owned by Sylvia Owori. 2-Face would meet the two together in his hotel room.


 Nwankwo Kanu, Emmanuel Adebayor/Judith Heard

Judith Heard

Judith Heard

Former Nigerian footballer and English club Arsenal FC star Nwankwo Kanu raised eye brows when he abandoned a Nigerian footie team van and jumped into socialite Judith Heard’s car. The pair drove all over town the whole day, occasionally stopping to rest in his hotel room.

Wherever they passed they turned heads, everyone wondered how they related to each other and what kind of business they had together yet they had just seen each other. The pair remained inseparable for all the days the team was in town. In fact instead of Kanu being in the camp he was often sighted in bars with Judith. No wonder Nigeria lost to Cranes and Kanu particularly was abysmal. The same happened last year with Togolese star Emmanuel Edebayor.


 Zark Orji/Nvannungi

When the popularly Bi-Nigeria movies swept our local TV viewership, their actors became cult heroes of sorts. With this we saw the coming of famous Nigerian actors storming our dusty city. And the first one to make a mark is one Nigerian actor and producer Zack Orji who came to town and started scouting for our own actors and actress to feature in his Roses In the Rain movie which he directed. But the juice of this is that actress Sheila Nvannungi took centre stage as the leader of a delegation of 10 actors from Uganda for movie auditions. From there, Nvannungi smart as she is, her acting didn’t end in the movie but went ahead and developed a strong secret relationship with the Nollywood producer and they started painting the city red.


Forest Whitaker-Brenda Nambi

Brenda Nambi

Brenda Nambi

In 2006 Forest Whitaker was in town for the video shoot of the movie The Last King of Scotland. It had some Ugandans taking part. Naturally this meant most Ugandans hobnobbed with the American and actually spent quality time with him. Former Obsessions Brenda Nambi was one of the girls who got really close and personal with Whittaker. The pair would spend lots of time together at Serena Hotel and sometimes she would sleep there. She cried when he left…


Rayvon/Salma & Priscilla

Salma Nassanga

Salma Nassanga

When sensational singer Shaggy came to Uganda this last time in August 2008, sassy ex-Kampala model Priscilla Ray and her counterpart former Miss Uganda Salma Nassanga could still pack quite a punch in raising testosterone levels though their hotness had transcended. The two girls, who for some reason, pop out of oblivion every time a foreign artiste is in town, did more than that to Jamaican singer Shaggy’s crew at a ‘meet-and-greet’’ party in then Ange Noir. Shaggy was a no-show that night but the two skimpily dressed girls must have taken this as a cue to ‘console’ the singer’s ‘derelict’ crew. The two quickly rounded off Shaggy’s right hand man Rayvon and three other unidentified guys, indulging their every whim. Although there were other younger and prettier girls in the club, the lanky pair with their glasses of wine literally controlled Rayvon and his group. When Rayvon stood up to walk about, the two girls who towered over his diminutive frame tagged along, sandwiching and rubbing against him as they danced. Oh boy!



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