A MOTHER of all wars is taking place right now at Kabalagala based Club Venom with musician Pallaso and Kim Swagga at the center of it.



Our sources at the nightspot tell us that Pallaso and his gang are bitter with management led by Gareth Onyango whom they accuse of double standards.

Every Wednesday at Venom, a musician is featured and tonight was Pallaso’s.

However he accuses Gareth and Venom of not marketing the night, thus leading to

the flop it has been or rather it is.

Pallaso thinks Gareth promotes other musicians’ nights but his wasn’t. As a result when he was given the microphone to perform, he instead opened a war abusing everyone, leading to a bitter brawl.

It got worse when Gareth went to the Dj’s booth and switched off the machines and lights.

“Pallaso attacked him like a wounded dog, Gareth had to take off for dear life,” said our eyewitness.

As you read this the war is still ongoing with bouncers doing whatever it takes. Police has been called in.

Details to follow…




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