MUSICIAN EDDY Kenzo faced the embarrassment of his life on Friday at Kyadondo Rugby Grounds after he was brutally bounced from accessing Jose Chameleone’s album launch over misbehavior.

Kenzo has grown wings lately

Kenzo has grown wings lately

The now self-acclaimed international artiste was humiliated by counter terrorism personnel when he tried to drive through to the VIP section.

Earlier, all musicians had

been informed that they, like the rest of the crowd, would park at the nearby Shoprite Parking Yard.

Only Chameleone’s four cars were to access the VIP venue. But Kenzo, feeling he is now a big star, thought he could drive into the show.

Sadly for the singer, he received the shock of his life when he was brutally informed he either parks at Shoprite or leaves.

The Sitya Loss star coiled his tail and took off.


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