BALAAM BARUGAHARA has told singer Moze Radio that he will not be allowed at any of the events the promoter is involved in.



The musician was today bounced at Festino Cite in Mukono where he had gone to watch a car rally. Balaam was in charge.

Moze Radio arrived at the event at 3pm only to be informed he was not welcome. His you don’t know who I am antics fell on deaf ears as mean looking bouncers

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sent him away. A furious Radio drove off after a bitter exchange.

Balaam Barugahara

Balaam Barugahara

When contacted, Balaam insisted that he had no personal problem with Radio insisting he only wanted to discipline him.

Radio turned his Friday night concert into an abusive field calling Balaam and a member of parliament idiots after the two forced the singer’s camp to refund money they had been paid for a performance in Gulu.



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