Pharrell Williams' Fashion Focus
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Which Ugandan would match up?

What makes a fashion icon? The way they look? Their carriage? The ability to constantly transform or to commit to a singular look?

Okay we want to compare Pharrell Williams with an icon we have here in Ug, irrespective of whether they are into music, theatre, business or politics. who do you think would stand out.

Pharrell Williams –  Argumentatively i would refer and define the artist with the choosy word of ‘chicest’ – dont take this for  gay attributes.

Chicness – arguablly as an integral element to to any style arbiter – is “dressing with individuality, consistency, and a hint or two of adventure.”

And by that measure, Pharrell Williams is the chicest of them all. The musician and Fashion Icon has honed a taste that is truly his own, combining sporty street elements with Parisian high fashion and a singular irreverence.

He seems to get his style from just random people, everyday people—like, construction.

He actually attributes that Everyday things are interesting to him, you know, service uniforms, sports, skateboarding, normcore, grandma sweaters—all of that stuff. But even if he’s not willing to admit that his style is noteworthy, he sure has his look down cold.

Find the proof in the pictures and tell us which Ugandan artist or icon has this in him or her

Pharrell Williams collection in one word

Pharrell Williams collection in one word


Say It With a Sweatshirt


Pharrell Williams' Sweat sweater icon

Pharrell Williams’ Sweat sweater icon


Williams’ casual looks often consist of a patterned sweatshirt, either emblazoned with the logo of one of the many brands he’s affiliated with or

with a phrase he believes in. “Girls! Girls! Girls!” tied in nicely with his album release last year, titled simply Girl.
CC the World

Who would not notice anything standing of the icon - Look at the 'Shades'

Who would not notice anything standing of the icon – Look at the ‘Shades’


Williams really took his song written for Karl Lagerfeld’s Chanel-Salzburg collection movie to heart. “If it’s good, it can stand on its own in any iteration, and one of those brands— Over the years Williams has piled on the pieces—from logo sweatshirts to belts to the customized necklaces—from the brand he wears in nearly every public appearance.


Just Trying to Blend In


Just Trying to Blend In with anything

Just Trying to Blend In with anything



Whether it’s Bape, Mark McNairy, or standard issue, Williams loves a good camouflage print. We like the Prada Fall 2010 jacket best—let us know your pick in the comment section below.


He Wears Short Shorts


Williams wears shorts

Williams wears shorts


Few would dare try to get away with shorts on the red carpet, but teamed with a slim-cut jacket and pointed brogues sans socks, they have become Williams’ signature look. One of the first times he rocked them was at the 2012 CFDA Awards—should we expect a repeat performance any time soon? Give us your comment


My Adidas


My Addidas on me

My Addidas on me


Granted, he is a frequent collaborator of the brand, nonetheless, Pharrell Williams’ love of Adidas track jackets is unparalleled. He prefers them in a bold color—red, yellow, green, or sometimes black—and custom-made out of leather in lieu of polyester.


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