EAST AFRICA - A True Travel Superstar
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East Africa is a travel superstar. There’s Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania and Kenya, mountain gorillas found only in Rwanda, Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo, and magnificent game reserves such as the Ngorongoro Crater, the Serengeti and the Maasai Mara, which are rated among the best in world.

But then all that being listed, there is Burundi — Very beautiful, and fast becoming the hottest new travel ticket in the region — Not for now, considering what is going on.

In an age when there’s hardly a place left on Google Earth not already discovered by any Travel diaries,  Xclusive’s Places finds you this one — BURUNDI

Burundi stands out for having been left out of the limelight. So the best way to know this little country despite for the common rumor of its beautiful fresh french speaking women “in the heart of Africa” is to go and see it for yourself.

Entry door to the real deal

Entry door to the real deal

Arriving by bus from Rwanda via the border crossing near Kayanza, Burundi immediately stands out: the “Welcome to Burundi” sign post is seen.  A life-size poster of a traditional drummer sponsored by the national beer brand, Primus and you will notice u are in another part of the region.

The six-hour trip to Bujumbura is through hills and jagged mountain peaks in every shade of green: neon green, lime green, algae green … They’re thick and lush and fringed by forests of banana trees that lean into the roads.

Bujumbura as a city is not something to talk about as its a flat, low-rise city and sits near the border of the DRC. You can see the blue-black chain of mountains from anywhere in the capital. But that is not what is keen in the story today, the best is the other side of the country. The pride of Burundi leaving out the rumoured ‘love’ for their beautiful women — Beaches.

In Buja, as locals call it, the beach front is never more than 15 minutes away. The beach is the life and soul of the city on weekends. It’s where wedding partiers come to take pictures, and traditional drummers play and where pretty much the whole city hangs out.

The beachfront is divided into strips with names such as Bora Bora, Saga Plage and Vuvuzela — named in honour of the 2010 Football World Cup.

Bujumbura’s Lake Tanganyika beaches are some of the best urban beaches of any landlocked country in Africa. The sand, though not exactly pristine white and clean, is still an inviting place to drop a towel, the swimming is safe and the water warm.

Bora Bora is where the hipster set hangs out, Saga Plage’s drawcard is the open-air restaurant at the edge of the lake. Vuvuzela’s winning card is that it’s great value for money, plus it’s not an expats’ haven like Bora Bora and it’s

where you are likely to see a hippo swimming in the lake.

When the car pulls up in front of Bora Bora, this is the sight that meets you.

Bora Bora front door greets you

Bora Bora front door greets you


The place is simple, vibrant and definitely not what people expect to find in the heart of Africa.

The Beach Club:

Bora Bora beach club is located right on the Tanganyika Lake and is among the best place to relax and have good food in Bujumbura. Upon entering Bora Bora, you are immediately struck by the view to die for. You can enjoy the beach of Tanganiyika by swimming in the small pool on the deck of the restaurant, by playing beach Volleyball or hire a water scooter in the Lake or just enjoying a free Wifi all day long. Also, the large presence of expatraites attracts er…very looking women in the evenings but its always the good food and the stunning view over the lake that makes the difference at Bora Bora club in Bujumbura.

( – See pictures)

The Pool at the front

The Pool at the front


You will meet hot ladies like  Ms Alida Kaneza the beauty of the region

You will meet hot ladies like Ms Alida Kaneza the beauty of the region


Bora Bora Beach the real deal

Bora Bora Beach the real deal


Saga Beach is a strikingly attractive beach of the country and is one of the popular tourist attractions of Burundi. Saga Beach of Burundi looks spectacular and stretches along the coast of Lake Tanganyika. The clear and white sand accompanied by sprawling waves is pleasant to watch. Initially the beach was known as Plage des Cocotiers (Coconut Beach) but later on it came to be known as Saga Beach.

One of Buja hotels

One of Buja hotels


The Saga Beach in Burundi lies northwest to the capital city of Burundi and the beach has been newly named in honor of the Saga Beach Resort, which is the largest restaurant and bar of the area. The Saga Beach Resort is a popular tourist joint as this place houses several restaurants along with awesome beach front bars which are highly affordable for all types of guests. The resort is packed most of the time, and generally on weekends the crowd is maximum.

Among all the popular tourist attractions of Burundi, the Saga Beach is the most famous one and the adjacent resort makes it all the more attractive. The serene and tranquil atmosphere on the Saga beach is extremely relaxing and refreshing and is ideal after a long, tiresome day.


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