TALKING MUSIC! How (And Why) Uganda Band Music Has Evolved
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THERE ARE new stars of Uganda’s poly-rhythmic music genre mostly referred to as band. 

Afrigo Band Performing At Obligato in Kampala

Afrigo Band Performing At Obligato in Kampala


In Uganda, band is a convenient rather than descriptive term for the music, and it came up because the artistes generally performed (and still perform) with live instruments in a band format.

The structure of band however is a fusion of zouk (the basic layer), rumba (the chord progressions and horn section), and dancehall (the flavor), with a western/r&b vocal style.



Through the contributions of producers (now and then) like Rr.Tee, Tim Kizito, Tony Sengo, Joe Tabula, Robert Segawa, Innocent Kayizi, David Senyonga,Rockie, Ken Lubwama, Tony Houls, Silver Kyagulanyi, Paddy Man, Mozart, Michael Kinene, Eddie Yawe, Henry Kiwuwa and others, band has significantly evolved from its original theatrical function (when it emerged first as songs that spiced up action in theatre plays of the likes of Omugave Nduggwa and others) in its initial three part rumba structure with a choral vocal style to now incorporate several other ingredients (both vocal and instrumental) that make it enjoyable to listen to along with other music genres with which it has competed for prominence.

And the new school band musicians such as Mary Bata are the shining stars of the new style of poly-rhythmic music. No wonder old school band musicians such as Mesach Semakula have evolved as they look at the new type of band music that can easily compete for prominence with pop music/culture.


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