I HAVE followed the story of Ak47’s widow hooking a new guy that is apparently going to wed her soonest.

Isaac and Maggie are smitten

Isaac and Maggie are smitten

I think it’s no problem for her to move on after all Ak47 is dead, he is not coming back so you don’t expect her to wait for a dead person.

Many people are crucifying her that she must have met this man while they still dated with Ak47.

Well, all indications show that the two were in love even as she was with the fallen musician but how many of you are ‘laying’ or being ‘laid’ by more than one person yet you are married in church?

Ak47 dumped this woman (who was investing in his lifestyle),hooked a Kenyan babe that later duped him about a child that wasn’t his. After finding out that the Kenyan lady

wanted him for his fame and had lied to him, Ak47 pleaded with Nalongo who was by then in London for forgiveness which she did. So if AK was cheating, why not her?


Kasuku believes Maggie is right to move on

Kasuku believes Maggie is right to move on

As Ugandans we should learn to face the realities of life head on and stop making noise over things we are doing as humans. Once someone is dead, their chapter is closed and the world must move on.

Whether you replace the person after a day or month or year, fact is you have replaced the person. Former PM Apollo Nsibambi wedded his current wife barely 6 months after the death of his previous wife.

The question rather should be are the twins Ak47’s, and if they are is she getting the support Ak47’s family promised?




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