THE NEW Vision has finally completed the sacking in installment of its staffer Paul Watuwa Timbiti.

Dorah who has been working with Kampala Sun is leaving

Dorah who has been working with Kampala Sun is leaving

The installment sacking started more than two years ago although some insiders argue that the real timeline is dated back to five years ago.

Back then, Watuwa, who had been hired as sub editor and attached to Features Desk, was moved to reporting at the same desk. Sources inside Vision intimated to us that the fellow found subbing too stressful a task and asked to be transferred into writing.

This wasn’t a difficult task as his background as a literature teacher was duly considered. However, what was not considered was the fact that it is one thing to write a story and another altogether to write enough stories to beat story count.

Initially, Features Writers in Vision were expected to write at least 15 stories per month.

Watuwa struggled to meet this cut.

But as time progressed, management raised the bar. To Watuwa, it was like they had

raised the pole vault without giving him appropriate stick to jump. He sat in the newsroom to wait for salary. Month after month. He was the forgotten one.

Until one of the editors raised the issue of having a writer who was just earning salary while publishing just three stories a month. Watuwa was asked to revert to subbing but he refused, citing his Master’s Degree studies as an impediment to his ability to meet story targets.

Management accepted but he was asked to improve with his name included on the list of “excess baggage” a tag management adopted to brand staffers who had to improve or be fired.

Earlier this year, Watuwa was asked to resign, but he refused and dared Vision to sack him.

And the axe finally fell. The HR announced the exit in a staff email today. Like we told you earlier, the exit includes two sub editors Catherine Tamale and Reste Namuhenge as well as Semei Wessali of Bukedde Television.

Meanwhile, Kampala Sun sub editor Dorah Atwongyeire was also named among those departing. Dorah has been on a long leave that she used to tap sources for a better offer and it appears the dividends compelled her to resign.



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