WE ALL know the things women do or have that can seem appealing to men.

Yet only a few know that some things are weird yet they attract men. The list below might look surprising to you. It was made up after numerous interviews and surveys.

Smiling couple having tea outdoors

Smiling couple having tea outdoors

The point was to find out more about the preferences that men have. How strange do the things listed below sound to you? Let us know what you think about them.


1. Glasses

A girl with her glasses on will most likely look attractive to men. I have plenty of friends whose partners say that they look great in glasses! Now that we know that men find women that wear glasses attractive we can finally get rid of those contact lenses! Those who wear glasses every day are lucky, aren’t they?


2. Woman’s accent

You are not supposed to be a foreigner to be liked by men. You just might have some certain accent depending on the city, district or region you come from. Do not feel embarrassed by your own accent because this special feature of yours is extremely appealing to the man you are with. It feels and sounds exotic even if your native language is the same. If your native language is different, then your accent is even more attractive and unique.


3. Her towel head

One of the weirdest things that most males

find very attractive in his girlfriend is when she washes her hair. They do love long hair of course, but what turns them on is when the hair is wet and wrapped in a towel. Who could even know that your towel head can look sexy to your sweetheart!


4. Watching her dolling up

Have you ever applied makeup in presence of your boyfriend? It is very possible that he was amazed by how skillfully you do this. Men know that there are many various techniques of applying makeup products. So, girls, feel free to doll up in front of your beloved.


5. When a woman works out

Most men like to watch a woman work out. That exhausted look and the sweaty feeling work like a magnet. Whether you like it or not, men will still find it quite sexy. Let your partner watch you exercise. Or, which is even better, do your workout routine together.


6. Camo

Start wearing camo – this type of clothing is found sexy by many men. They associate it with wild nature, hunting and exotic lands. Despite the fact that camo is a sexy wear, it cannot beat skirts and dresses. Be feminine and wear classic blouses, high heel shoes and accessories as well.


7. With his shirt on

Untidy look can also be appealing to your man, especially if you are wearing his shirt. Try this trick and see how he reacts. After all, the fashion industry has not once seen women in men’s shirt walking down the catwalk. Let’s admit it, it looks chic and stylish.


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