THE TRUTH is that Konshens and Busy Signal were not at their best.

Busy Signal performed alongside Konshens

Busy Signal performed alongside Konshens

They didn’t give 100%, leaving some people extremely cross. The turn up wasn’t that massive as organizers had expected, but the concert was well organised.

I think the best way forward, is to stop recycling the same “tired” Jamaican artistes. We have had enough of Konshens and Busy Signal.

Music promoters Balaam Barugahara, BK Afrobeat’s Kasenene, and Vibes Production boss Gerald Luyima proved that local promoters can work together, rather than bickering over minor issues and avoiding “unhealthy rivalries” in the music industry.

I really pity my friend MUSIC AGENT Suudi Lukwago,who spent most of the weekend locked up at Central Police Station (CPS) for obtaining money by “false pretense.” He shouldn’t have tried to “gate crash” an event he wasn’t part of.

Meddie Sentongo and Fabiola:

This couple should learn how to feel free in public. There was no need to show up for the concert with 9 bouncers. Of course I chased them (the bouncers) at the VIP entrance and insisted that he must pay

for all members of his delegation, which he politely did.

 DJ Shiru Bounced

I also ordered DJ Shiru and his crew to use the “general happiness” gate because they wanted to access VIP entrance without VIP wristbands. Several artistes, security operatives and pressmen without wristbands were also bounced.

Please respect the organizers and always pay. You also don’t have to show up with “fake” bouncers for the public to respect you.

Okello Dixon believes a few lessons can be picked from the event

Okello Dixon believes a few lessons can be picked from the event

Team Expendables:

Patrick Idringi Salvado and group tried their best to be “queen dancers” at the VIP section. Yes, they entertained fans, but please learn better dancing moves. I also strongly believe that Patrick Idringi Salvado would have been a better MC for the night. The other MC’s apart from Mr. Mosh should have been caned.

Campaigning On Stage Was Wrong:

Much as am a strong NRM supporter, I felt it was wrong for politicians to get on stage to campaign and endorse a presidential candidate. It was a musical concert not a political rally.


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