PROMOTER SUUDIMAN famously known for bringing in international artistes for mega concerts has taken a step to reveal his dirty secrets.

Suudi (R) with Demarco

Suudi (R) with Demarco

Days ago, the celebrated promoter publicly confessed to bedding over 500 women after revealing details about his sex life during an interview with New Vision. The music promoter claims before reforming, he could change women like clothes and could make love to 3 of them each day. “There was

a time when meals were not my concern. I used to think of women only-morning, afternoon and dinner. Meaning each day I used to make love with three different women, I almost died, said the promoter.

However, he claims despite his crazy past sex-life, he is now a reformed man. He is married and blessed with 5 kids and says even if he passed on today his kids can still study at Harvard University, implicating he is way secure financially. Promoter Suudiman has jetted in a couple of foreign artistes in the country including Konshens, Demarco among others.


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