MAKERERE UNIVERSITY Vice Chancellor John Ddumba has banned sex and booze as administration moves put in place stringent code of conduct guidelines that are expected to change the outlook of the campus.

Makerere University administration has put in place new guidelines

Makerere University administration has put in place new guidelines

Reports in media indicate that earlier this week Ddumba met with other administrators to set new rules that will run the prestigious education institution.

According to New Vision, the habits banned from the university include; alcohol, smoking, provocative dressing, sexual immorality among others.

Pregnant students are also banned from university halls of residences.

The new rules will also be tough on students who lead strikes.

Campus Bee reports that should students engage in strikes as the university has become

notorious for, the last thing they should dare do is set up roadblocks, collect money commonly known as “akatwaalo” from motorists, light fires, destroy the environment or any other form of violent conduct.

Vice Chancellor Bbumba Ssentamu

Vice Chancellor Bbumba Ssentamu

The university has in recent times seen an upsurge in student strikes which have on many occasions ended violently with police and students engaging in running battles and some students injured. The hooliganistic approach to these strikes by some students has greatly sullied the university’s image and by extension made it harder for recent graduates of Makerere to get jobs.

Perhaps in reaction to the various fellowships sprouting up everywhere on campus, the council has also allegedly banned holding prayer sessions in ungazetted places.




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