UGANDAN MUSIC scored high on the international platform once again when Bebe Cool scooped the award for Best African Reggae/dancehall artiste of the year at the African entertainment awards in Canada over the weekend.

Bebe Cool scooped Africa's best dancehall/reggae award in Canada over the weekend

Bebe Cool scooped Africa’s best dancehall/reggae award in Canada over the weekend

Bebe Cool is a name that constantly pops up when talking about Ugandan artistes. This musician has been able to make tremendous steps in the music industry and is not about to stop soon.

He is a well respected musician, who is regarded as one of the best in the industry due to the following reasons:

1. Energetic Performances

Any person who has ever attended a Bebe Cool live concert always attests that the artiste is full of life and vigor. He is known for his electric and energetic performances that not only go well with attendees, but also leave them wanting more. His music also appears to the young at heart due to the dynamism of the beats.


2. Versatile Musician

Another aspect that makes him good in what he does is his flexibility. Unlike many Ugandan artistes, Bebe is able to perform in different scenarios. He is well versed, with different music genres thus will quickly adapt to a new situation.

He can provide a good solo performance and is able to do collaborations and can as well coordinate

well with live band.

3. Focus

Some people always view Bebe as arrogant, rude and proud. They attribute this to the fact that he is the son of Ugandan billionaire (a former minister) hence has no reason to struggle.

However this is not true. Bebe is very serious about music and works extra hard to give a good performance and also produce quality music.


4. Quality Music And Videos

He considers himself a brand so he always has to maintain it well. This has been made possible by working with famous and reputable music and video producers in South Africa.

Okello Dixon believes Bebe Cool deserves all the respect

Okello Dixon believes Bebe Cool deserves all the respect


5. Consistency

He always makes sure that he comes up with high quality music without taking long breaks in between singles and albums. This ensures that his audience has something regularly new.

For instance after dropping his hot hit “love you everyday” he went ahead and still released another hit “Everywhere I go” thus having two club hits almost at the same time. The popularity of Bebe is never at question. He is also regularly endorsed by leading companies like MTN and can only shine brighter.


The Writer Dixon Okello is a trained security control expert with vast training from abroad. He has handled/ or been part of security for various local and international events including the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.


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