IN THE midst of all the beautiful awards that some Ugandan artistes have won lately, there are sentiments from some few real analysts and entertainment critics that feel Dr. Jose Chameleone deserves an international award.



The critics further argue that our industry lacks constructiveness in creativity, grooming and show casing of our talents. A position I agree with.

This could be seen in Dr.Jose Chameleone’s 2014 trajectory (path). He had an awesome 2014 with great hits like Wale Wale, few could touch him when it came to results, but that didn’t stop him from losing major awards to brands that are not up to his standard or those he even helped to bag a name in the entertainment scene in Uganda.

You must be asking yourself why he didn’t win and some of you must have concluded that he was cheated of the awards.

All he needs in addition to his team and fame is a good PR

team plus a strategist to portray him as a deserving artiste. It’s important you get awarded for your deeds because that award, will keep you grounded and hungry for more while your history is also secured.

Dr.Chameleone should also consider joining an international record label. We don’t have record labels here in Uganda, we just have opportunists and jokers that see a struggling talent and give him a platform to showcase his talents till it gets empty then drop him for another new one.

Dixon Okello

Dixon Okello

They don’t really try to develop the artistes. Instead they suck talents like Ziggy Dee till the talent runs dry.

To all Ugandan artistes, if your so-called record label company and manager can’t protect, groom and expose your talent, you are not in a contract but a slave trade.

The Writer Dixon Okello is a trained security control expert with vast training from abroad. He has handled/ or been part of security for various local and international events.


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