AMBITION MISSION, an American group that claims to help Uganda youngsters- especially teenagers- reach their greatest potential, is on spot with some accusing it of promoting the illuminati cult.

Irene Ntale

Irene Ntale

For the last few months, Ambition Mission has been advertising all over media, including billboards, radios, television stations and newspapers.

The group mainly targets young people who would like to ‘achieve their dreams.’

In order to achieve this they have hired various city celebrities especially musicians to reach out the youths.

The Ambition Mission ambassadors include Eddy Kenzo, Irene Ntale, Mun G, and Juliana Kanyomozi among others.

Namanya's claims will shock the nation

Namanya’s claims will shock the nation

According to one Asher Namanya, Ambition Mission is illuminati and only wants to recruit Ugandan youngsters in acts like homosexuality and lesbianism.

“To make matters worse these people have been going to primary schools, secondary schools giving bangles, handkerchiefs and other items to the students and telling the young children how it is good to join Ambition Mission,” Namanya writes.

Namanya further says this group called Ambition Mission is being sponsored by the Illuminati Group in the USA.

“They have been deceiving people how they will help the youth realize their dreams, if you look at the adverts they have used people who are already Illuminati members especially artistes like Eddy Kenzo, Irene Ntale, Mun G and Juliana Kanyomozi. All these people are illuminatis and they sacrifice people for their fame and their music,” Namanya claims.

He also states that many youths have already been recruited into devil worshipping and have an office behind Serena Hotel from where they have the counselors who have been put to give counsel to the young new members.

Mun G is part of Ambition Mission

Mun G is part of Ambition Mission

According to the shocking claim, some top catholic priests have have also joined the evil cult.

Namanya adds: “Members have

to spot funny haircuts to be in the group. You have seen many youth cutting in the sides and leaving hair above, that hair cut is called stamina. Once you spot the stamina hair style, the illuminati spirit follows and protects you.”

“These people have got things they give the young boys to wear, there is yellow bangle and a black bangle when you join the group and that will represent you, and also when you get it you are supposed to give to another person to build the network of the Ambition Mission. Very many youths have fallen victim of being used by these people.”

Namanya further claims that he got all this information through ‘the Revelation from God through his Holy Spirit and it is also the Grace to know all these secrets.’

Ambition Mission is a big brand among the youths

Ambition Mission is a big brand among the youths

He states: “Here is the voice for the youth in Uganda, do not join Ambition Mission because you will find yourself in the pits of hell and they will use you and destroy your future, the devil is targeting the youth from serving God. Born again Christians who are standing in the truth and In Spirit with God, pray for this matter because it’s not a simple, because if not you will find your child in the same system. I have also seen the most false Prophets engaging in this kind of system, dear Christians if you are in a church that is encouraging you to join this kind of group, just know your Pastor is part of them and he is leading you to hell. The Ambition Mission is using churches to get people so be careful.

The Youth who have joined have been deceived with kind of promises they give them and some are not minding they are saying its normal to be illuminati and of course these people have been covered with evil spirits which force them to say so but that’s an abomination and its punishment is Hell.”

Namanya insists that these Ambition Mission ambassadors are illuminati and must not be allowed in schools any more.



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