SELF STYLED businessman Frank Gashumba has blasted Ugandans who beg for beer/drinks in nightclubs and instead advised them to live within their means.


Frank Gashumba

Frank Gashumba

In a rant posted on facebook, Gashumba insists that Ugandans must learn to live within their means.


He posted: “Why do people live a life of pretense. A group of people goes to Serena Hotel for a tour (eye nutrition).They buy one plate of food and two bottles of soda. Immediately they take photos and accompany the photos with “Twakowa Embeera embi” and

they don’t know some of us are very good at photo interpretation.


Why don’t you guys live a life that is sustainable? These are the same type of people who go to club using complementary tickets, the moment they enter a club, they start inconveniencing people buy begging. A club is not a hospital were people must give a helping hand. When a Samaritan offers free drinks, they will drink any tribe sorry any type of alcohol.

The following morning they wake up with terrible hangover with nothing to cool it down.

Please try to live a life of your limit. Living a life that is not yours doesn’t turn you into one.”


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