LOOKS LIKE sexy Capital FM presenter Flavia Tumusiime is a kiss and tell girl after all.

Just a few days back the radio star hit the headlines after she revealed how American rapper J Cole wanted a piece of her in 2012 at one of the Big Brother Africa encounters.


Flavia Tumusiime will expose you after bedding her

Flavia Tumusiime will expose you after bedding her

In her statement, Flavia claims she turned down the international superstar.


Close pals have today told Xclusive UG that sexy Flavia is not someone who keeps quiet about anything. “She spills to close pals. Nothing is a secret to her,” one pal told us.

The pal added that all her little secrets, well they aren’t secrets because most pals known about them.

A story is told of how sometime in July 2008, Flavia revealed her unbelievable encounter with a top city lesbian who ‘almost raped her and took over her life’.


Gorgeous Flavia, the Capital radio AM to PM presenter survived forced sex after a popular muscular lesbian babe made a vicious

pass asking her to be her lover for life.

“I just couldn’t believe it. It was totally shocking because it had never happened to me before,” Flavia told pals then.

Flavia revealed how the unidentified lesbian shocked her by insisting on bedding her the same day she bumped into her.

“The babe seemed much interested in Flavia. She could even call her on radio and tell her all sweet nothings live on air. It was shocking and scaring,” a pal said.


Flavia always talks everything to pals

Flavia always talks everything to pals

Her close pal revealed to us that when the lesbian kept on nagging Flavia, lost of what to do, she decided to hook up a guy to consume all her time and help her stay away from the rude, inappropriate manly chic.

“She got herself a guy to keep her company and make her forget about her tormentor,” the pal said.


Her 30 Days of Flavia series are just a way seeking to reveal her little secrets.

“She never keeps quiet that one,” the pal concluded.


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