ZIZA BAFANA’S concert was recently canceled at the last minute because of lack of clearance from the authorities (KCCA).

Ziza Bafana concert was cancelled recently

Ziza Bafana concert was cancelled recently

Sometimes artistes are so desperate to perform that they ignore procedure until the last possible moment. Financially, the reverberations can be significant.

So, how should an artiste, venue and concert promoter avoid having their concert canceled or scrapped?

In some unusual cases, artistes are denied visas while touring internationally, and when it gets down to the wire, they’re not able to get cleared in time. Illnesses, bad weather, technical issues with the onstage equipment are other reasons that can lead to the last minute cancellation of a concert.

But if its canceled because the promoter failed to get clearance from the authorities then it is totally shocking, sad and absolutely pathetic.

Getting clearance for a concert is really easy. You just have to write a letter to the Commandant Kampala Metropolitan Police (if your show is in Kampala, Mukono or Entebbe) or to the Inspector General of Police (if the show is upcountry).

You simply request

for security and clearance. This should be done at least a month to the show at absolutely no fee. After getting the police letter, you should make a copy and go to NEMA for clearance. You are required to pay a fee of about 150,000 directly to the NEMA account. With those two letters, you then go to KCCA and apply for a permit, that you can get in only two working days.

You then meet the police at the venue and plan (at least three meetings before event).

The writer Dixon Okello has handled many concerts in Kampala

The writer Dixon Okello has handled many concerts in Kampala

How does this affect the singer’s reputation after a show is canceled?

Honestly not that much, especially if they’re not sidelined for a very long time. From a career standpoint, it rarely hurts the artistes but the promoter. As for their reputation among fans, if a singer is an apologetic or contrite, it shouldn’t have any long-term effect in terms of future shows.

Most singers offer apologetic statements through their publicists, though many take to facebook.


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