THE FLAVIA Tumusiime/ J Cole issue has dominated local media for days now.

Ever since the sexy radio and Tv star revealed how she turned down American rapper J Cole’s sexual advances in 2012, media has been buzzing with some praising the Ugandan girl, but many ridiculing and dissing her.

Flavia Tumusiime

Flavia Tumusiime


Many have questioned the truth in Flavia’s statement with some arguing that since she has been linked to a series of little or rather inconsequential Kampala boys, how could she turned down an international superstar.


Today we expose Flavia’s social network. This is a long list of men who have been linked to the socialite. It must be noted that all these haven’t necessarily bedded her.


Jimmy Kiberu
While working with Tullow Oil a few years ago, Jimmy Kiberu whisked Flavia to Mombasa for a sex fest. He booked in a five star hotel in Uhuru land and hit it. Theirs was just a sexual encounter and nothing else because currently Kiberu, who works with Africa Development Bank (ADB) is not in touch with Flavia.


Rao Mohan                                                                                                                          This Indian businessman turned Flavia into cabbage. This is the fella who used to own Universal Entertainment, a music label that owned Chilli Galz, Leila Kayondo. Flavia was an advisor and she would supply her advice to him in bed.



Capital FM’s Flavia Tumusiime dated this hunky lad around 2011. Tony, for those who remember, is the young handsome halfcaste that dated a series of city babes including Flavia and Straka Mwezi.

Then it was said that while Tony was publicly dating a much older Straka, he was secretly seeing Flavia. The two hooked up at MUBS where they were students.

Tony is a former dancer turned fashion designer. His dad is said to be German and mum a Muganda.


William Bakabulindi

He is the Chairman of Proline Football Club and is currently closer to Flavia than any other man.

Recently Flavia and the youthful Bakabulindi were seen enjoying each other’s company at a recent function. Clearly one could tell that Bakabulindi was in charge.

The two are said to be dating.


The Mith

The Mith feels Flavia's butt

The Mith feels Flavia’s butt

Gigantic Klear Kut rapper The Mith was at one time inseparable with Flavia Tumusiime. Pictures of the Mith feeling sexy capital radio AM-PM presenter Flavia Tumusiime’s well-shaped bum made the rounds back in the day. The pictures were taken at Garden City Roof top during a certain event dubbed ‘Windek Xmas Party’ featuring Angolan star Cabo Snoop. Basing on the way Mith was caressing Flavia’s bum, it was evident that he was enjoying himself. Holding a drink in his left hand, Mith used his right hand to massage Flavia’s bum without minding onlookers.


Maurice Kirya

Everyone must know a thing or two about this relationship. The two dated recently and

are actually said to still be seeing each other. When she was totally smitten with him, Flavia was a regular at Kirya’s Sound Cup coffee shop at Garden City.


Robert K

Robert is a CEO of a string of media houses. It is said that Robert and Flavia had a string of trysts but Xclusive UG is as shocked as you the reader. We never expected this. But our reliable sources insist this happened. Nuff said!


Bill Tibingana

Flavia has also been linked to Bill Tibingana, then the Program’s Director at Capital Radio. Bill snatched Flavia from Hot 100 and has been instrumental in her radio career. Currently he works with Vision Group as head of radio.


Chris Cotton

She was also at one time linked to Chris Cotton, Karitas Karisimbi’s former squeeze. Stories are told of how Cotton hooked a young Flavia back in the day and wasted hdr with love.


Andrew Kabuura

Sexy Flavia has strongly been linked to Andrew Kabuura, a sports presenter with Super Sport and Radiocity. The two have worked together on assignments for Guinness and Kabuura being a lethal and sharp shooter (in women’s pants) Flavia did not survive. Well according to very close pals.



This is the Big Brother Africa host from Nigeria. During one of the seasons, the two hosted the show together.

The two are said to have spent some nights together in hotel rooms in South Africa.


Joel Kamadi

Joel Khamadi is sexcited about Flavia Tumusiime

Joel Khamadi is sexcited about Flavia Tumusiime

Kamadi has not necessarily succeeded in his pursuit of Flavia but since it is early days, success is expected. Kamadi rarely fails in his women endeavors. Recently we told of how he launched his manifesto to bed Flavia. Last time we checked Flavia was still evaluating it. Both are news anchors on NTV Uganda.



Flavia has also been linked to city disc spinner Deejay Apeman. Though not much is told about their relationship, Xclusive UG confirms that these have worked together on various gigs in town.

She would be the emcee while he would be the deejay. It is said they took the working partnership to the next level. Bedroom!


Mc Kats

The two hit the social scene at the same time as Teen presenters on WBS TV. Kats is believed to have been the first to rock Flavia’s sexual world while they were still teenagers. However she has always denied any scrotal engagement with him.



Flavia is believed to have had the longest relationship ever. Flavia and George, then working with Lowe Scanad, were an item. Flavia was extremely smitten with George that she would drive to his office on Lumumba Avenue every day at 3pm and wait for him till 6pm.


Edwin B

While George might have been the love of her life, Flavia wanted to marry Edwin, a young loaded city dude. In fact it is said Edwin is the reason Flavia remains unmarried and probably will remain so forever.

She had expected to marry loaded Edwin but he dumped her for someone else. She loathed marriages and long term commitments.


Channel O Boss

This unnamed Channel O boss is responsible for getting Flavia all the gigs with the South Africa based television station. For some years Flavia was a regular in SA for gigs with Channel O, thanks to the unnamed dude.






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