YOUNG BEAUTIFUL Sheila Gashumba has assured ‘haters’ or rather jokers to mind their businesses (read vaginas) and leave hers alone.

Outspoken Sheila has revealed that she is proud of her body structure and people shouldn’t make a fuss out of it.


Sheila turned heads at the Blankets and Wines

Sheila turned heads at the Blankets and Wines (Photo by Chimpreports)

The tiny but big (between the legs) has been at the receiving end of several social media jokes ever since photos showing her seemingly bulging camel toe appeared. Sheila turned heads and sent temperatures racing in many men’s pants with her brave and revealing

dress code at the Blankets and Wines yesterday.

One user even went ahead to suggest to the TV presenter to drag ‘her huge kitone to the gym.’

Another one joked that her big V is a sign of her being illuminati.


But brave Sheila has laughed off the ridicule and assured her fun pokers to relax ‘since none of you is having it.’

She even went ahead to reveal that she feels very good about it and is not hurt by the several social media jokes.


But good news for Sheila is that some social media users have praised her bravery and even assured her that hers is the right size every man would die for.

We can only imagine how big it will be when she turns 30…



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