MUSICISIAN MAGGIE Kayima better known as Nabbi Omukazi has called for her relationship with Pastor Augustine Yiga and hooked a muzungu pensioner.

Maggie Kayima

Maggie Kayima

Nabbi accuses Yiga of infidelity. The two have been an item for over five years although they have always maintained their relationship was strictly for ministry works.

However a few days ago Nabbi came out to publicly reveal she had parted ways with Yiga

accusing him of cheating. Over the years Yiga, better known as Abizaayo, has been exposed as a sex pest who beds his flock.

Yiga's works have always been dubious

Yiga’s works have always been dubious

Some years ago, the pastor’s nude photos with a young girl appeared in tabloids. Nabbi is now dating a muzungu pensioner and the two are said to be working on legalizing their romance.


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