PIUS MAYANJA aka Pallaso has come out in a long facebook post with a scathing attack to claim that Jeff Kiwa and Nalongo Maggie either had a hand in the death of his late brother AK47 real name Emmanuel Mayanja, or have an idea as to why and how he died.

In the post that has since caused all kinds of reaction, Pallaso alleges that there were all kinds of misunderstandings between Maggie and Ak47, and between Ak47 and Jeff Kiwa.




He posted:

“I really wish the doctor that did Akay’s autopsy would have given us a more detailed study of my brother’s death!!


The doctor merely says he fell in the bathroom and died but never explains why Akay’s top lip was swollen!! Or at least explain what exactly came in contact with his head to cause the fatal death blow!!


This man changed so many people’s lives including mine and he really should not just be dumped off and forgotten!!



1- Why was Akay’s top lip swollen??

It wasn’t swollen when I left him 30 minutes before they say he fell.


2- Jeff Kiwa needs to give us a fair answer of why he told me not to tell anybody at first when they say Akay had fallen in the bathroom.


3- I ran to Nalongo’s house to inform her about the terrible phone call of Akay falling in the bathroom and she wasn’t home at around 10 pm which usually was always bed time for her…

She returned and found me home at her house with the sad news but nobody ever questioned where she was coming from.


4- Akay had broken Nalongos phones and abandoned her home alone and she had appointed a Kibuye police officer to arrest him but failed after I told him it was just simple family issues and she kept craving revenge even telling me she didn’t care if she died and Akay didn’t bury her. Akay had made her leave her children’s father, had children with her, made her move from London to be with her but then changed his mind and abandoned her after she came to Uganda.


I’m not pointing fingers but that creates a fair motive for revenge and according to her conversation with me about my brother she wasn’t happy and she was at the point of doing anything.


Nalongo had confiscated All Akay’s belongings literally by the time he died

all he was wearing was the only personal possessions he had and all his other cloths and confiscated property was never returned even till date !


Jeff Kiwa

Jeff Kiwa

Nalongo was so heart broken and devastated about the loss but in a few months after her children’s father’s death she had already moved on with a new boyfriend in a very happy relationship.





Akay’s maid/Housekeeper said she heard Nalongo making plans to hurt Akay that same night he died but later her story changed and now Nalongo returned back to London but she didn’t risk leaving this maid back. Nalongo took her maid back with her to London.

Nalongo didn’t say bye to my parents after Akay’s death she just disappeared.

Even her return back to London was news to us. Nalongo loved Akay so much but Akay was in love with other girls; Zainah and Vivian.


Akay had bruises and scratches on the neck which is very unusual for somebody that just slipped and fell in the bathroom.


Ak47's wife Maggie has since moved on

Ak47’s wife Maggie has since moved on

Nalongo had said to my aunt that she had a dream of Akay beaten up almost half dead in the hospital that same day Akay is said to have fell and died yet she loved threatening Akay with all this Balongo stuff. I could agree Akay might have died accidentally but what if it is that his murder only intended to hurt and he ended up doing more damage accidentally.


I still have so many questions but my major pain is Akay was a very good man and more especially the government has given up on him so fast!!

Please Mr. President we really appreciate your condolences towards my brother so much as the Mayanja family, Akay’s fans, Ugandans, Non Ugandans and everybody else concerned but we please beg you to assign some special attention to this man’s case.

He loved you so much and he was a very powerful Ugandan at such a young age. We love you Akay and I personally will not stop until I know exactly what

Happened, or till am put to rest in my own grave besides my brother.”




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