AMERICAN RAPPER J Cole has recorded a song in which he hits out on an African girl believed to be our very own Flavia Tumusiime.


J Cole

J Cole

This comes after the sexy Ugandan radio presenter claimed that the international acclaimed singer wanted to bed her in 2012. Ever since her shock revelation, the world has taken on the matter with many branding Flavia an attention seeker, even with her pals labeling her a kiss and tell girl.


Close pals last evening told Xclusive UG that sexy Flavia is not someone who keeps quiet about anything. “She spills to close pals. Nothing is a secret to her,”

one pal told us.


Another story is told of how sometime in July 2008, Flavia revealed her encounter with a top city lesbian who ‘almost raped her and took over her life’.


Following her J Cole exposé, the singers’ fans most in the United States have dissed Flavia and called her all sorts of names.

Flavia Tumusiime

Flavia Tumusiime


And now one his music producers have confirmed that the singer is working on a song in which he makes a joke about an African shawty, Flavia.

In the song he laughs off Flavia claims and even expresses no knowledge of the incident.

The hit single is expected out in October.



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