Sunday 04/10/2015 seemed like New Year’s eve coming early in October. The main streets’ roads where blocked, with traffic flowing in slowly using other feeder roads. The Army band was heard from a distance as the crowed matched along.
Small businesses took brace of the day as all forms carnival like services took centre to catch any passersby eye. Stalls of meat egarly smooked, hats and painting shops made money. It was a day to celebrate. It was the Kampala City Festival and above it all, it was a day to celebrate the Bell Nation Fest under the hash tag – MyBellFestival.

The Bell Tent became the most sought for tent of the day as most A- listers made it to the tent where lots of food, T-shirts, Ne-Yo icon Hats and bell was served under the slogan My Bell Festival.

Just a picture on Instagram with a caption Hash tagged with the Solgan MyBellFestival would instantly win you lots of goodies which included Bell labelled power banks, T-shirts, the Ne-Yo Concert ticket among est others.

The Pictures.

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Bell matched in with only Hot Beauties