EAST AFRICA’S legendary music group SWAHILI NATION is back and ready to take over the East African music scene.

The star are currently working with Aly Alibhai's Talent Africa

The star are currently working with Aly Alibhai’s Talent Africa

The music stars have outed another a modern pure R&B sound fused with Hip Hop, Soul

and AfroBeats. Three of the Swahili Nation’s original members Charlie King, Ken Daniels and Drew Muturi have come together and nearly finished recording their comeback album at Talent Africa Music Studios in Uganda.

The first single of the album is called “Loco”. The word “Loco” can be simply translated as “Crazy” in Spanish. The song is basically about girls that drive guys “Loco” or “Crazy”.

According to music experts, the song is expected to be a top hit that will rock airwaves across the continent.



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